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At Home with Lauren & Charlie

Couple cutting vegetables

Five Quick Questions for

Lauren Mitrick Wood


Favorite meal to make at home?

Anything from Purple Carrot.

Best date night spot in your neighborhood?


Go-to music for a house party?

Anything on our

Olive Well Summer Party Mix!

Favorite Instagram for inspo?


Favorite local shop?

South Loop Loft

Woman with dog

Five Quick Questions for

Charlie Wood


Favorite meal to make at home?

Homemade pasta.

Best date night spot in your neighborhood?

The patio at Antico.

Go-to artist for a house party playlist?


Favorite coffee table book?

Kerry James Marshall: Mastry.

Artist we'll find in your home?

Linc Thelen and Slim Aarons.

Woman making bed

Lauren Mitrick Wood is not only a native Chicagoan, but also a third generation realtor who works alongside her parents, husband, and cousin. When she's not getting recognized for her work by Forbes Magazine's 30-Under-30 list, Lauren loves focusing her efforts on interior design, both at home and for her clients. She always encourages people to work with what they have, and never be afraid to mix metals. Having plants and flowers (even fake ones!) always help warm up a space. It's easy to make even the most inexpensive pieces look luxe, if they stick with your color or design theme. "You can find a Jonathan Adler chair next to a side-table from Target and they both look like they belong!" Dark colors can make a space feel cozy and elegant, and Lauren recommends utilizing different textures to break up any monotony.

Lauren and Charlie also love hosting. "The guest room is the first room people see when they walk into our house, so I wanted to keep it cozy and stylish," Lauren says. No detail is left behind, with the guest bathroom always stocked with little toothpaste tubes and plenty of hair ties (the preferred chew toy of their dog, Cooper).

Charlie Wood was born in Philadelphia, raised in Lake Forest, and destined for a life of travel and adventure. After attending Carleton College in Minnesota, Charlie spent a number of years working as a professional model in cities such as New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Milan, and Cape Town, South Africa. He also spent a year teaching English in China. His adventures continued after marrying Lauren, and they're always finding new décor to bring home from their trips. These items purchased abroad aren't just about the memories they illicit, but also their uniqueness to a particularly country or city. Charlie is a born partier—that is, he knows how to host an unbelievable party. His famous "Pool Boy" is a Mezcal-based cocktail with a side rim of Tajin ("for a bit of zip"), and it's always a crowd pleaser. Charlie also shares Lauren's love of cooking, and they often make breakfast together before heading off to work.

Man with dog
Couple cooking
Cocktail shaker
Family room
Dining room
Woman organizing shelf

"I'm always re-arranging things in the house and I often bring some of our personal items to homes to help stage them."

Couple with dog

Photography by Alina Tsvor

Text by Eric Grant

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