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Hi there!

Hi there!

Welcome to Olive Well Educate...

Where Realtors Learn Well

About Your Instructor

My name is Lauren Mitrick Wood,

And I'm so glad you're here. I'm a third generation Chicagoland Realtor who runs a top producing real estate team at Compass called Olive Well - "Where all live well". Last year we sold 100 million and helped 75 families find their place in the world. I'm a Forbes 30 Under 30 Honoree and the National Association of Realtors also named me as one of their 30 Under 30's—although I'm no longer under 30—shhhh don't tell anyone.

Our team is consistently ranked among the top 35 teams and you would be surprised that a lot of our business comes from social media. In our first introductory course I will be sharing some of our tips and tricks on how we utilize Instagram to build our brand and ultimately our business.

I’m really into hats, renovating, tile, shoes, design and my plants. I'm obsessed with my adorable Vizsla Cooper, my little IVF miracle, Blair, and spicy mezcal margs with a Tajin rim—yum!

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Instagram Bootcamp
for Realtors

Build a Brand & Create Connections That Convert

Starting December 12th at 12 PM Central 

1 hour live coaching call

What you will learn 



Don't overthink it. This should be fun and not overwhelming or stressful. This is not as complicated as you may think. I will teach you how I spend only 5 minutes a day on Instagram and what tools I use to stay organized and plan my content so I can focus on the daily demands of my real estate business.


The Basics

Are you a secret agent? If I went to your Instagram page would I know what you do and in what city you do it? I will help you clean up your act and make sure within 1 second people know who you are.


Building Your Brand

Staying top of mind with your sphere is critical in the real estate biz. I will show you 5 free Insta hacks I use to build my brand so people recognize my posts so I can stay front and center. 



What the heck am I posting and when? We will figure out who you are, how you want to represent that and how often to post. Geesh, this sounds overwhelming. I know what you are thinking..."Welp, now I need to find a fancy photographer, a content manager, and a videographer." Nope - you just need to do you. Don't worry, I will show you the way.


The Algorithm

I know, it's hard to keep up. Once you have all this juicy content is anyone actually seeing it? I will share the latest tips and tricks on how to make sure Insta is pushing your posts. 


But I Don't Have Many Followers. 

That's OK, neither do I. You don't need a million followers to sell millions in real estate. The simple fact is you just need to figure out how to create loyal highly engaged followers and get them to engage with you. I got you.



Who do I connect with? What does engagement look like? I will help you find your community and how to make connections that convert into real dollars.


Starting December 12th at 12 PM Central  for $49.99
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