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Have you ever walked into a friend’s home and felt as if you were entering a spa? That’s the vibe that broker Laura Davis and her husband Chris are going for with their spacious, brightly-lit Streeterville apartment. The sleek white walls and countertops mixed with natural greenery and wood picture frames offers a calming respite from the fast-paced life of a real estate broker in a sprawling city (stick around to the end for a complete list of Laura's favorite items in her photoshoot!). This beachy, vacation vibe may also be a product of Laura’s home state of Florida—where she also holds a real estate license! Needless to say, if you’re looking for a home in Chicago and a place in Miami, Laura is your gal.

     So how did this Florida native end up in the heart of Chicago? “My husband and I met in college at Florida State University,” she says, adding a requisite Go Noles! “We were both active in the greek system, but it wasn’t until after college when we ran into each other at a concert in Miami that we started dating.” Ten years later, they’re still going strong. They relocated to Chicago in 2018 for Chris’ career and fortunately the winters haven’t stopped them from loving our four-season city. Laura promises he’s around, even if he’s not in the pictures. “He is constantly working!” 

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     Asked about the decision to move to Streeterville, Laura explains that she and Chris wanted to really dive into the big city lifestyle. “We love it!” she says. “We are literally walking distance to everything the city has to offer. The River Walk, Navy Pier, the lakeshore, Millenium Park, all the best restaurants (we are big foodies!) and shops, and easy access to the train lines were key factors in our decision.” This love of big, bombastic citylife makes the contrast with their home all the more stark—and understandable. After three years, they've decided to expand their horizons and move to a new place in Old Town.

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White Wooden Shiplap Wallpaper Wall Mura

One unique piece of décor in Laura’s apartment is the faux shiplap wall. “Since we rent, I had to get creative.” The accent wall is easily removed, and Laura did it all herself.

Here’s how it’s done in two simple steps:

1. Get a long level ruler and a black colored pencil.

2. Draw horizontal lines spaced 6 inches apart down the wall starting from the top.

And voilà! A statement piece that won’t break the bank and can be done in an afternoon.

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You may have already noticed the ever-present (and ever-adorable) French bulldog in Laura’s photos. The couple adopted Theo a few short years ago and he’s been entertaining them ever since. “He loves everyone and everything and if you ever happen to stop by be prepared to get lots of kisses and be entertained by his acrobatics.” Which reminds us... keep an eye out for our upcoming blog post: The Dogs of Olive Well! In all seriousness, a sleek, white home feels like the perfect target for muddy paws and shedding. How does Laura keep the apartment looking spotless with a rambunctious pup like Theo? The answer is simple: his fur naturally blends in with the decor. Plus, a good weekly vacuum with the handheld Dyson keeps shedding and dander at bay.


Of course, being a foodie of Laura’s expertise often necessitates some wine to pair with those delicious meals. She insists, “I am no wine expert, but I do love to drink it!” Her all time favorite place to visit is Napa Valley. She and Chris spent their honeymoon in the famed Californian wine country, because it reminds them of Tuscany and you don’t need a passport to get there. Laura’s vintner of choice is Robert Mondavi, which happens to be her go-to spot for anyone taking a trip to Napa. “Their Private Selection Cab is at the top of my list for an inexpensive everyday wine.” We’ll definitely be cracking open a bottle tonight!

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Favorite Books for

Design Inspo:

For the Love of White, by Chrissie Rucker


Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave, by Joanna Gaines

Aside from the occasional glass of wine, Laura has recently stumbled upon her favorite morning ritual: a fresh cup of tea. She says tea “has such a calming effect on me and provides me with such clarity to start my day.” Her favorites are fruity green and herbal teas from FarmHouse Teas—a family-run organic farm geared toward health and wellness. 


Even as the newest addition to the team, Laura Davis has always had a knack for the Olive Well aesthetic. While her style has often changed over the years, she is steadfast in her love of combining neutral and earth tones with textures and natural elements, adding pops of color through plant life and art. The sensibility definitely shines, and makes every photoshoot at Laura’s place look like a spread in Architectural Digest. Who could ask for anything more?

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