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6 Tips for a Self-Care Sunday

We lead very busy and often chaotic lives, especially on the weekends as busy Realtors running around the Chicagoland area. When Sunday night rolls around, we are in need of some serious self-care. Dedicating a day (or even a few hours) to yourself can help you reset and start your week fresh and with intention. What's good for the mind is good for the soul and we are huge fans of self-care Sundays. Below are six tips we practice when planning your perfect recharge.

1- Determine what fills your cup

The first step to having a self-care Sunday is figuring out what recharges you. Does

spending time alone help you reset? Does talking to a friend help you unwind? What’s your

go-to pick-me-up on a bad day? Your answers to these questions can help you decide how

to spend your valuable “me time”. Whatever fills your cup should be a part of your self-care

day. Make sure to have fun and explore and see what works best for you. It could be as easy as t turning on Nextflix and binging on a new series.

2-Ditch the screens

So much of our lives are spent on screen. Between email, texting, FaceTime, Zoom, and

social media, it can seem impossible to truly disconnect from distractions. Especially as Realtors, we need to be available to everyone at all times but putting your phone on “do not disturb” and turning off your devices can give you the space to self-reflect and tend to your needs. You can also lean on your colleagues to cover for you while you are taking time for yourself or record an outgoing message so people know you will get back to them by a certain time.

3- Journal

Sunday is like a reset button. It’s the perfect time to cross last week off the calendar and start fresh. However, if emotional baggage is weighing you down, starting fresh might be easier said than done. Writing all of your nagging thoughts and worries onto paper can help you release any negative emotions that might be holding you back. Moreover, when you reread these thoughts on paper, you gain a clearer perspective which allows you to heal and move on.

Before you end your journaling session, set some intentions for the upcoming week. What

do you want to do more of this week? What is something that you want to change?

Establishing your priorities can set you up for a fulfilling week. The Olive Well team has always been goal orientated but lately we have found that when we goal set at our team meetings, it helps us to stay on track. Not to mention how insanely satisfying it is when you reach your goal and can cross it off your list.

4- Dive into an old (or new) hobby

In adulthood, we often dismiss the things that we enjoy as being “unproductive”. However,

unwinding with our favorite hobbies can actually replenish our energy, making us more

productive in the long run. Sunday is the perfect time to cuddle up with a good book or

pick up your guitar that’s been collecting dust. There is a knitting store not too far from our office in Bucktown we have been wanting to try called Firefly Fiber Arts Studio. We also found this one on Chicago's Northside. Could be fun!

5- Pamper yourself

It’s cliche, but for a good reason. During a busy week, it can be hard to find the time for self-

maintenance. Even basic tasks like filing your nails and tweezing your eyebrows can get

set to the wayside. So on your self-care day, spend some time pampering yourself. Whether

that’s doing a face mask, taking a bath, or catching up on some grooming, indulging in this

type of self-care can help you feel put together, setting you up for a successful week. Look good, feel good. Another local favorite that is close to our office in Bucktown is a spa called Soak. They have great facials and massages. Want to get a little fancy? Indulge in a spa downtown Chicago at one of our favorite hotels, The Waldorf Astoria or The Chuan Spa at The Langham. Perhaps some DIY face masks will do the trick. Follow this guide for 13 recipes you can make at home.

6- Spend time with loved ones

When our schedules get hectic, and in real estate this is inevitable, we might fail to make time for the people who are most important to us. On your next self-care Sunday, consider reconnecting with a loved one. Simply calling a friend or parent can help us feel more grounded. Practicing self-care is not indulgent; it’s essential. Meeting your needs helps you achieve a work-life balance and live an overall more intentional, fulfilling life.

XOXO, the Olive Well Team

(Pictured at one of our local Lake View recharging spots, Maison Parisenne. The perfect place for authentic French pastries.)

What is your favorite self-care indulgence? Leave a comment, we are always looking for new ideas!


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