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  • The Editorial Team

Our Most Beautiful Chicago Homes for Sale this Holiday Season

We love rounding up the most beautiful listing photos to share with the world. Fortunately for us, marketing director Eric Grant loves to write parody lyrics. Without further ado, please enjoy a few of 🎵Our Favorite

Things 🎶 (with links included so you can tour them yourself!)

🎼 Bright copper kettles in updated kitchens

Unique workspaces to sew or to stitch in 🎵

🎶 Big open spaces for parties and flings,
These are a few of our favorite listings. 🎶
🎼 Cream-colored couches with brick wall aesthetics

… a space for a gym if you're feeling athletic. 🎶

🎵 High-rise apartments with breathtaking views

… so many wonderful listings to choose! 🎶

🎼 Hearty green plants brighten up any bathroom

wallpaper cheers us with flowers in full bloom. 🎵

🎶 Silver white kitchens that sparkle and shine…

Ask us, "Now how can that home become mine?!" 🎵
🎼 When the roof leaks,
When lock breaks,
When the deal falls through 🎵

🎶 We simply remember these fabulous homes,
And then we don't feel so blue! 🎶


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