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  • Stef Coyne

Olive Well's Favorite Amazon Home Finds

Need a little something extra to update your space? We are loving these Amazon goodies that look like a luxury find from a little boutique you popped into during your summer travels. Get ready for all the questions like, "where did you find this!?"

  1. This ceramic vase reminds us of something you would find in a little boho shop in Laguna. It's effortless style compliments any room, anywhere, at any time.

  2. Bring on the cane! We love cane everything; chairs, vases, but most of all - a tray to serve our friends when we invite them over for happy hour. Cheers!

  3. Would we even be Olive Well if we didn't include our all time favorite, olive wood? This serving bowl is a showstopper and will be the crown jewel on any table serving the most colorful, delish salads.

  4. Our collection of matchbooks from our travels took a huge hit in 2020 but thankfully this sleek, two-toned match striker came on the market and we are back in business. Change up the color of the matchsticks to match your style, we're kind of into the black matchsticks right now.

  5. Speaking of black, we are loving how black products compliment all our neutral tones. Throw your favorite cheeses on this serving board with a pop of color, may we suggest red grapes, and voila! Wine & cheese night just got that much better.

  6. Bamboo lighting is everything. Whether the focal point in your dining room or clustered on the ground for ambient lighting, these beauties set the mood in any room. We are currently obsessing over these bamboo lanterns and loving the price!

  7. What does magic smell like you ask? We have the answer; the Golden Coast candle from P.F. Candle Company. The description says it all "Big Sur magic, wild sage baking in the sun, the rumble of waves and rocks. Eucalyptus, sea salt, redwood, and palo santo." We'll take 10.

  8. On the topic of candles, we love that these candle holders look like they were stumbled upon in a Moroccan market, or a Souk. They add the perfect amount of color to any room and will absolutely garner a "where did you get these!?" from your friends.

  9. Rounding out our love for natural elements comes this ceramic lamp that has been lighting up our lives ever since we bought one, and then another one, and then another as a housewarming gift. The gift that keeps on giving.

  10. And last, but definitely not least is this Paulownia wood serving bowl. This little treasure is hand carved by skilled artisans and looks like something you would find in a beachfront home in Nantucket. The perfect catchall for keys, jewelry or whatever little treasures you want to keep safe.

If you shop any of our finds, leave a comment or pic below! We'd love to see how you make these Amazon finds your own.


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