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Olive Well believes finding a new home is so much more than searching for a place to rest your head at night.

A home is where we collect our most precious memories and our most sensitive secrets. It’s where we celebrate our greatest accomplishments and unpack our most devastating failures. At Olive Well, we are more than just facilitators of real estate, we guide people on the precarious adventure of leaving one home and transitioning to the next. It is a journey defined by as much joy and anticipation as it is fraught with anxiety and unexpected complications. We offer a home base on the path between home bases, a place to circle back to whenever a new question is posed, a new referral is needed, or a new idea comes to light.


Home is not just about your four walls, home is about getting the most out of your neighborhood. With an emphasis on design, health, wellness and exploration, Olive Well strives to strengthen the relationship between home and community. We believe that to build a sense of partnership between these two spaces is to redefine what "home" means to all of us.


We treat our clients like family, and we want our family to always wind up in a better place than before.

Welcome to Olive Well, where all live well.



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