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Choosing a Plant for Every Room in Your House

By: Olive Well Broker Laura Mitrick

Photo sourced from fellow Olive Well Broker Laura Davis's home tour.

Plants make people happy and can transform a space into something truly unique. They are arguably one of the easiest ways to refresh your home without spending a fortune on renovations or new furniture. As a Realtor in Chicago and Michigan, one of my favorite closing gifts is a houseplant because of their many benefits; they have a strong track record of boosting mood, increasing productivity, reducing stress, purifying air, and adding life to any space. It's easy to get carried away when you realize all the benefits but it is important to remember that not all houseplants are equal - in order to thrive they must be in the right place!

There are two important rules to go by when choosing the right plant for each room. First, you need to consider the plant's needs; space, humidity, light, etc.. Next, consider your intentions for your curated space. You want to make sure the plants match the aesthetics of your home. Fortunately, there are more than enough houseplant varieties to suit any home and design style.

Below are my best tips for choosing a plant for each room in your house...


A bedroom is meant to be a tranquil space for peace and restfulness. Plants that can improve indoor air quality and add to the tranquility of the space are highly recommended. Keep the number of plants in the bedroom to a minimum to maintain an uncluttered, calm space. Look for plants that need low to moderate light like the snake plant, rubber tree, or spider plants.


The bathroom has a distinctly different environment compared to other rooms in the home. The temperature and humidity change drastically and are commonly warmer, more humid, and have low light exposure. This room is great for tropical plants that thrive in that type of environment. If you are looking for a therapeutic shower experience, hang dried eucalyptus leaves in the shower to release the plant's aromatherapeutic properties and scent. We love following @theselfcareshower on Instagram for inspo (pictured to the right). Ferns, air plants, and pothos or philodendrons thrive in most bathrooms in your home.


If you have not checked out our clients Julie and Peter's home tour, do so - it's a must. They are plant pros and they crushed it in the kitchen...

Kitchen space is sacred and counter space is always limited. Nothing looks better in a kitchen than hanging plants. Cascading greenery adds color and life and can be accomplished without sacrificing valuable real estate. There are many other reasons to add houseplants to your kitchen. The best ones can be both attractive and functional. They can remove odors, reduce flies, and can be an important ingredient of your next meal . Consider bird of paradise, philodendron, cacti or succulents, and of course your go-to herbs! Considering a new kitchen to hang your plants? Check out all of our listings around Chicago here.

Have you ever considered adding microgreens to your countertop? They are alive and full of micronutrients. They are a tasty and beautiful way to spice up the kitchen and nourish your body. If you are in the Chicagoland area check out Miss Microgreens, she even delivers. You can find her on Instagram as well - @Missmicrogreens. We love seeing locals around Chicago post about her organic and non-GMO products. Shown here is a Miss Microgreens client Mary-Beth. You can catch her and see how she uses her microgreens on her Instagram account @heartofcelebration.


Here are some of my go to plant purchases on Amazon - enjoy!

Looking for local Chicago plant stores? Here is a list of some of my go-to's -

Sprout Home in Ukrainian Village

The Sill (pictured below) in Southport Corridor where plants make people happy :-)

Sunnyside Plants in Jefferson Park

Plants Delivered Chicago - how cute is his dog?!

Plant Shop Chicago - Mayfair Albany Park

Can't make it out to one of these local shops and want fresh finds for spring delivered to your door? Check out Bloomscape.

Instagram can teach you a lot and I have found these accounts to be very helpful and have fueled my plant obsession -

Need some more plant inspo or need help figuring out where to put your plants? Feel free to DM me and check out my Instagram @lauramitrick where I show off my love of plants, dogs, real estate and how I navigate living and working in both Chicago and Michigan.

Until next time, XO Laura

Do you have any plant recommendations for other rooms? Send them our way in the comments below!


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