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How To Update Your Home For Spring

Do you get an itch to refresh your home when springtime rolls around? That early morning light,

warmer breezes, the trees and flowers blooming make change irresistible. But how do you

freshen up your home without sacrificing your overall design or falling into seasonal cliches?

Don't worry we got you.

The key to any design is balancing color, shape, and texture. We’ve compiled easy tips to bring the warmth,

color, earthiness, and freshness of spring into your home without fast trends or disrupting the

story of your aesthetic. And the truth is you don't need a total makeover. In most cases, swap a

pillow or pluck something from your own outdoor space.

Swap Pillows, Rugs, and Blankets for Lighter Options

Textiles are practical but also play an essential part in design. They offer contrast in texture and

pattern and are an easy way to play with your color scheme without a long-term commitment.

Take stock of your pillows, throws, and floors and see where you could add creams, whites, or

pastels for a bit of a lift.

Pillows are a great place to swap– just update the pillow cases to stay on budget and make a

big impact! Some of our favorite local places to shop for pillows are Jayson Home in Chicago &

Hazel James Home in Highland Park.

Pops of Color

Springtime is all about surprises. So look for places to add color in unexpected ways– add a few

vases to your shelves, update a light fixture, pick up an accent chair, or get a fun rug or towels

to add interest. Having trouble deciding where to place your pop of color? Take a picture of your room to condense the space, then see if you have any “interest voids.” For example, are you missing a vertical pull? Try a light fixture. Not grounded? Time for a rug. We can't get enough of this rug photographed here from our clients Julie and Peter home tour. Feeling like something more neutral? This is a great option from Armadillo.

Etsy actually has really nice affordable options too.

Swap Your Art

Rotating art with the seasons is a great way to efficiently update your home and make your

space look more intentional. And your art isn’t limited to plants or landscapes– although those

are excellent classic staples. Instead of focusing on a springtime subject for the piece, check the

color palette for bright or earthy tones.

Frames are another way to spruce up the space–try lighter wood or metallic frames. We love the vintage offerings at Jayson Home.

Bring the Outdoors In

Our team lead Lauren Mitrick Wood plucked these branches from her yard and voilá, instant Spring! If you don't have trees or bushes in your yard and you live in the Chicagoland area you can pop into some of these favorite local flower markets that are bursting with branches. Steve's Flowers in West Town, Oliva's Market in Bucktown, Green, Inc in Old Town.

Declutter and Up Your Container Game

Springtime is tied to spring cleaning, and what better way to update your home than thinning out

your clutter and re-evaluating your storage. Try some felt baskets, wooden or metal catch-all

trays, or canvas cubby boxes for the kiddos. The key for a spring look here is focusing on natural textures (wood, stone, rustic fabrics) and color (beautiful pastels and metallic shine). We are currently swooning over these neutral sculpted felt bins by Sort Joy right now. Even these bring us so much joy in getting organized. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed.

Hire a Professional Organizer

Don't really want to lean into organizing? We don't love organizing either. Try hiring a professional. We adore the pros at UnFuss. Cultivated from a desire to blend proven decluttering methods with the warmth of a trusted friend, Caroline Hilliard founded Unfuss to help people from all walks of life create purposeful, peaceful living environments. From one-time projects in small spaces to large-scale interior improvements, Caroline and her team specialize in translating each client’s individual needs into functional solutions that instill comfort and calm in their homes, and beyond. Unfuss is based in Chicago’s northern suburbs. They work with clients throughout the Chicagoland area. We've tried it and it's worth it!

Don't Forget About the Pooch!

Your dog might need a housing upgrade too. How fun are these dog beds by Hunting Pony that are not only comfortable but extra stylish too? "Good boy!"

Maybe it's Time for a Total Overhaul?

Love your home but ready for a change? Forget swapping pillows and adding flowers. Maybe it's time for a totally new venue. New house who dis!? At Olive Well we can help you transition from one home to the next. Get in touch with one of our team members to talk about your home moving journey today. And in the meantime you can look through some of our current listing offerings and start shopping here.

At Olive Well, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful, clean aesthetics that make life shine.

Follow our blog for more tips and tricks to living a beautiful life. From left to right: Laura Davis, Sarah Jenema, Dana Oliff



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