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The Future of Design: Wellness Spaces & Technology Integration

Written by Ava Markoutsas - owner of Ablaze Design Group on the North Shore in Chicago

In today's rapidly evolving world, the design landscape is constantly being reshaped by emerging trends and innovative concepts. Two of the most prominent trends in contemporary design are the creation of wellness spaces within the home and the integration of technology. Homeowners and homebuyers today are trying to embrace both physical and mental well-being while also desiring the latest advancements in technology. The intersection of these two trends is shaping the future of design in profound ways.

Creating Wellness Spaces in Your Home:

The notion of wellness-focused design revolves around crafting spaces that promote harmony, tranquility, vitality, and fostering a sense of balance and connection with the surrounding environment. From the layout and functionality of rooms to the selection of materials and furnishings, every aspect of the design is purposefully curated to enhance the overall wellness experience. A few key elements of wellness-focused design include biophilic design, mindful spaces, healthy materials, and holistic lighting. By prioritizing wellness in design, homeowners can create spaces that not only look beautiful but also contribute to their overall health and happiness. Designer Jessica Margot (pictured below) worked with her clients, Lauren and Charlie Wood, on incorporating swings into their sunroom so they could inject peace and tranquility into their daily lives.

Jessica Margot enjoying the swings at Lauren Mitirck Wood's home

Integrating Technology into Design:

Similar to wellness, the integration of technology has become increasingly prevalent in modern design. Technology is no longer seen as separate from the design process but rather as a tool to enhance functionality, convenience, and connectivity within the home. From smart home automation systems to immersive digital experiences, technology is reshaping the way we interact with our living spaces and how those spaces adapt to our needs. Some key aspects of of technology integration in design include smart home

systems, virtual reality, health & wellness apps, and use of innovative materials.

To learn more about these topics first hand, our team, ABLAZE Design Group, is hosting a complimentary panel discussion for homeowners and homebuyers titled “Harmony At Home” on May 2nd from 5-7pm. Panelists include; Lauren Mitrick Wood from the Olive Well team at Compass, Jessica Margot from Jessica Margo Design and George Markoutsas from Ablaze Design Group.

For more information or to RSVP go to -

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