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Meet Jon & Anthony

Where: Lakeview

When: Spring 2019

If anyone can attest to the longevity of the real estate relationship, it’s Jon Russell and Anthony Less. Jon and Anthony have been working with Lauren Mitrick Wood for over ten years. That’s a decade of landlords and paperwork and neighborhood adaptations; and through it all Lauren has been there for them. Jon and Anthony share another long-lasting relationship, one that most people only see in movies. They grew up in neighboring Illinois suburbs and attended middle and high school together before dating and matriculating to DePaul University. The rest, they say, is history. Both marketing gurus in their own right, Jon and Anthony need to keep up-to-date on all the latest trends for their job, which translates into impeccable eye(s) for design in their new home. One of those design features is a gorgeous bronze light fixture above their dining table, complete with its own storied history of efficiency and necessity. “My family was coming to see the house for the first time two days after we moved,” Anthony recalls. “We really wanted it to look halfway decent for them, so Jon stayed up until 4am installing light fixtures.”

It sounds exhausting, of course, and surely their family would have understood how recent the acquisition was, but it turns out Jon just truly loves fixing things around the house. The day before we arrived for our photoshoot, he stayed up late installing the new subway tile backsplash (a favorite design staple here at Olive Well).

Jon and Anthony’s method of decorating is to visit home furniture stores on weekends, pulling together different design ideas from showrooms and magazines and Instagram influencers. When describing their taste, Anthony says, “We try to strive for a mix of mid-century modern and traditional pieces with a craftsman-style inspiration behind everything.” This eclectic mix has paid off, giving way to a home that is uniquely and stylishly designed with sleek lines, warm tones, and pops of traditional finishes that stand out with personalities of their own. And Jon’s handiwork can be found in even the smallest details, with a totally renovated master bathroom that looks right out of a catalogue.

Five Quick Questions for

Anthony & Jon

Go-to Instagram accounts for style ideas?

@NateBerkus @archdigest​

Favorite local restaurant?

Coda di Volpe.

Best game to play when entertaining friends?


Morning coffee order?

Venti black coffee for Anthony;

Grande iced coffee with half & half for Jon.

In many ways, homeownership suits the couple well. It’s a chance for them to show off their personalities after years of renting and saving up. The time spent in duplexes and simplexes also informed their decision to seek out a townhouse, wanting a multi-story, single-family feel while staying within budget and neighborhood. Lakeview was the obvious choice, as it has been their home for a few years now, and they even watched Southport Corridor build into the bustling development it is today. Lakeview offers a quiet, tree-lined neighborhood feel with the addition of many local restaurants and bars and shops, such as Coda di Volpe (for date nights) and Café el Tapatio (for the best margaritas around). When it comes to entertaining friends, Jon and Anthony will often opt to stay in and spread joy through hosting dinner parties complete with a home cooked meal and occasionally a game of charades. Even after telling us their special skills with renovation and home design, entertaining and marketing, cooking and hosting, Anthony still insists “We’re just not that interesting.” We beg to differ.


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