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Client Stories: Meet the Morans

Katie & Brian Moran thought Lauren Mitrick Wood was crazy when she planned an open house for their Lincoln Park townhome in the middle of a snowstorm. The next night, they had three offers. When they decided to move to Bucktown, Katie says they looked for a home with plenty of character and practicality. The biggest selling point? The bright, open playroom with plenty of sunlight for their two adorable sons to have fun and spend quality family time all year long.

The Morans are a family who resisted the urge to move to the suburbs when they had kids because they fell in love with the familial environment of Bucktown. "It's got such an energy to it," Katie says. "You walk outside in the summer and the parks are packed with parents and their kids…and you still have access to the great restaurants of the city right on your block." Plus, they love being just a stone's throw away from a Chicago Public Library branch, where they pick up books for the kiddos.

The Moran's house was built in 1860, but you wouldn't know it today. "It had the layout we needed, but it didn't have the details," Katie says. The kitchen had to be updated, as well as the living room. So much of the house was perfected and modernized to provide a beautiful, seamless, and livable environment. The most remarkable part? Everything was completed in record time. "We had a baby! We didn't have time to wait around." The Morans knew that details make a home beautiful, and every detail of their house feels especially tailored to their cheerful lifestyle.

Five Quick Questions for Katie and Brian

Favorite season in Chicago?

Summer, without a doubt.

Favorite Chicago sports team?

The Giants (we're not loyal to Chicago teams... yet)

Best decorating tip?

Simple and cozy, it's all about the details.

Would you rather go out for dinner or cook at home?

Cook at home. Nothing better than entertaining friends.

Coffee order?

Katie is an Ipsento latté purist,

and Brian is a "Dunkin' Donuts kind of guy."

Photography by Alina Tsvor

Text by Eric Grant


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