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  • Sarah Jenema

Sarah’s Ultimate Guide to Packing for Vacation

If you are like me—or my former self—packing for an upcoming trip can really put a damper on the excitement of getting away. Rather it be overpacking, forgetting some important items, waiting until the last minute to get it done, or any of the many other woes of packing, this detailed guide will get you to the finish line and then off to your destination, care-free.


This is by far the most important part of packing. Making a checklist ensures that you aren’t forgetting anything and avoid that “oh no!” feeling in the middle of your journey.

As we know, the night before a trip, you haven’t completely packed everything you will use that morning and any last minute adds—make sure to make a “last minute checklist” of all those little things (toothbrush, chargers, computers etc) that you’ll be sure to kick yourself over later.

Pro tip: To avoid overpacking, I plan my outfits out day to day (always including a couple of alternates). This keeps me from throwing anything I “might wear” into my bag and getting into trouble with 10 pairs of shoes and a bag way over the weight limit.

(on right: a plane-ready snap from @natsin on Instagram)


There is nothing worse than opening your suitcase, eager to find that perfect bathing suit or outfit, and having to rifle through everything - making a huge mess. Making sure you organize things in a manner that you know where each item is is crucial.

Best solution: packing cubes - organizational compartments to use when packing to sort your belongings. You can find my favorite packing cubes here.

Pro tip: If you don’t plan to unpack at your final destination, pack the items you plan to wear last on the bottom and those you plan to wear and use right away on top.
Travel in Style

Now that you aren’t worried about forgetting items at home or wondering if you packed enough to wear, let's talk about what to bring with you when traveling. Make sure to wear something comfortable and functional (and cute). I always go the athleisure route. My favorite collection to travel in are these appropriately named On The Fly collection. Remember to wear shoes that are easy to slip off but can run to your gate if need be. Can’t go wrong with these cute and functional sneakers. Wear a sweatshirt you can tie around your waist if you’re warm, but will most likely need it on the plane. Don’t forget your headphones (my go-tos), a charger and any handheld devices or computers you may need on your way.

Have a longer car ride or plane ride? Don’t forget this comfortable travel pillow and sleep mask combo linked here. Just want a cute sleep mask? Can’t go wrong with this one!

Congrats - you have made it! Time to kick back and relax.

(vacation vibes from @carleyscamera on left, and @designsbychloec on right)


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