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The Best Chair for the Job…Any Job

Work-from-home life has the Olive Well team on the hunt for relief from the pain of sitting all day behind a laptop. We think we found the solution with The Swopper. Lauren Mitrick Wood tells us more…

I embarked on a retreat with the Renegade Brand Boot Camp—a group of women entrepreneurs working together to enhance their brands led by Amy Jo Martin. It was held in Dallas at the home of Poo-Pourri founder and CEO, Suzy Batiz. The setting was simply incredible. Suzy restored an old church and converted it into her home, teeming with splendor around every corner. Each room felt like a page in an Anthropologie catalog, with hand-picked details perfectly curated to create a truly magical setting. I was drawn to a few oddly shaped stools that were scattered around the conference table in her home office. They were called the Swopper. I recall sitting on one, bouncing up and down and thinking, “This is so cool!” But after I returned to Chicago, I largely forgot about Swopper, as most of my days are spent on-the-go and on my phone, with only rare moments to sit down.

Then the pandemic hit…

A month into Chicago’s stay-at-home order, the weekly Olive Well virtual hangouts were marked by at least one complaint about sitting in the same spot all day long. Creative ideas were thrown around to ease the burden; some agents worked from their bed, some lounged on their couch, some even opted for the floor, resting their computers on a pillow and pushing their dog away from the keyboard. The longer we remained at home, the more we felt our backs yearning for relief.

During a check-in with the Renegade women, Ksenia Avdulova—creator of the Woke & Wired Podcast—mentioned how thankful she was to have found the Swopper, and I saw an opportunity.

Ksenia explained that Swopper is so much more than a stylish stool for your workspace; although it does lend itself to some very cool photos. Similar to active office chairs of the past (remember the days of a colleague inflating a neon green exercise ball with a bike pump?), Swopper engages your core muscles and improves circulation as you work. It’s never stationary, but it’s never aggressively moving either. The gentle motion of Swopper allows for bouncing, tilting, and swaying while keeping your posture more naturally aligned in an ideal S curve than when you’re slouching over from an uncomfortable chair.

“You guys…” I began a recent call with my favorite brand of faux-dramatics. “I’m using the Swopper today, and I’m so obsessed with it.” I swayed and tilted and espoused the wonders of the chair throughout the call, including learning about how it has been shown to burn up to 500 calories per day (woah, wait, what?!), and stimulates more joint fluid to prevent joint diseases like arthritis. The team was left anxious for theirs to arrive in the mail any day now.

In our ongoing pursuit to make every home a place where all live well, the Olive Well team fully believes Swopper is the best chair for any activity that requires long stretches of sitting behind a computer, in front of a TV, playing video games like my husband Charlie (insert eye roll), or even signing a listing agreement.

You can purchase your very own from and receive 20% off site-wide when you use coupon code OLIVEWELL at checkout! Woot woot!


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