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Zen Yoga Garage

As Realtors in Chicago who work in Bucktown, we love that our office is just a short walk to Zen Yoga Garage, a beacon of community and dedication in our vibrant neighborhood. Piper Parker, a pillar of client loyalty, shares a story that encapsulates the spirit of Zen Yoga Garage. The very first member signed up before the studio's opening day, a testament to its allure. "He signed up without even seeing us," Piper recalls with a smile, "and he's still here every morning at 6am, six years later. He better not move!" Laughter fills the space, highlighting the warm atmosphere that keeps clients returning.

Yoga at Zen Yoga Garage balances seriousness with a welcoming ambiance that attracts devoted students and instructors alike. Amidst Chicago's growing number of yoga studios, Zen Yoga Garage stands out for its inclusivity and community engagement. Piper emphasizes the studio's role as a vital community space, extending its reach into Bucktown from day one.

The studio's distinctive aesthetic, with preserved red paint from its Jiffy Lube days, not only honors Bucktown's heritage but also aims to broaden its appeal to all genders. "This traditionally feminine practice has become male-friendly," Piper explains, noting the positive reception of the red paint's unique charm.

Choosing Bucktown for Zen Yoga Garage was an easy decision for Piper, recognizing the neighborhood's unparalleled sense of community and artistic legacy. With the highest concentration of locally-owned businesses in Chicago, Bucktown fosters a deep communal connection rarely found elsewhere.

Zen Yoga Garage currently offers a variety of yoga formats including Vinyasa, Hot, Flow Burn, and Burn, with plans to expand. Future enhancements include meditation classes and dedicated healing rooms, reflecting the studio's commitment to evolving with the community's needs.

As summer approaches, Piper shares her favorite mindfulness tip: "Sun A, everyday." This practice not only centers her but also connects her deeply with each day's beginning, reinforcing her commitment to well-being amidst a busy schedule.

Piper Parker's dedication mirrors our ethos at Olive Well. Just as we admire the hard work of our Bucktown neighbors, we appreciate Zen Yoga Garage for its role in enriching our community daily. You can check out their offerings here.

Photography by Alina Tsvor

Text by Eric Grant


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